I couldn’t show it until my sister Jan saw it, but it arrived to her in Texas today so now I can post it for everyone to see.  I’m usually pretty critical and picky about anything I do, but I like it and my sister likes it and thats what really matters.

I painted this picture for her as a gift. I wanted to do something special for her after going through the pain of losing her husband and the father of her two young boys. This was my creative gesture.

IMG_0424 (Small).JPG


This is the original picture I used to model my painting after, taken by Brett’s sister, Jill (who is a wonderful photographer)



Ok so mine doesn’t look exactly like the picture… but it does look like Brett. My true test of this was when I asked my 4 year old niece who it looked like and she said “UNCLE BRETT.” And as if that weren’t enough, my nephew Carter, who is not even 2 looked at it and said “Daddy.”

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