So last week I posted about Rebtel. I figured I would love it, but I wasn’t quite sure. I just needed to try it out. So, I did.

Well as it turns out, I do love it! It is WONDERFUL!! Andrew and I have talked every day this week and it’s only cost us $1.00 YAY! We used to only be able to talk once a week, if that- and it would still cost us over $50.00 a month. Seriously… all you people in relationships – imagine talking to your luvvva only once a week on the phone. Geeeeez!

Now, it’s just one eeny meeny teeny tiny lovely dollar per week. And the best part is this cute little heart icon that it puts on my account page next to Andrew’s phone number.


SO CUTE! A little heart with an Australian flag. And on his page there’s the same little heart next to my name with a US flag.

Awww international love and cute icons to match! Don’t you wish you each had your cute international heart icon??

Hooray for Rebtel!!

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