Well… as much as I didn’t want to get a stupid free blogger.com lame blog… it is taking to long too get my actual REAL website up… so this will have to do. I just have so many things to say today and they just can’t wait for a real site, because by then, they will be irrelevant.

1st things 1st

I found out something disappointing today. My dear friend Nicole got a bootleg copy of the Muse
CD today from Pete. Now, nicole knows I love Muse. She knows that I have been waiting all year, literally, for them to come back to the US so I could go see them. She knows that I was one of the first people to buy tickets for the upcoming show. I was even nice enough to call her and invite her to the show(s) (yes, I am going to 2)- because that’s the kind of friend I am… thoughtful, giving, etc.

Anyways… Nicole didnt even bother to tell me that she had this wonderful CD. Only did she tell me when I texted to share the news that Muse was # 1 on furious 5 at 9 (again, me being thoughtful). She texts me back… “I have the CD Yayay”

YAYAY for YOU!!! What about ME???? I’ll remember this the next time I get a bootleg Ashlee Simpson CD!!! Oh wait… that will NEVER happen. I only like good music! ooooooh burn. Sorry Jen.


I am happy to inform you all that I found another human on earth with my name. There is a girl, in florida… a teenager, named elsja. I know, this is so exciting… kinda. I thought it was so great at first! Like… WOW, there really is another elsja out there… who isn’t a dutch girl with braids who lives in a windmill. There’s an actual American, English speaking girl, with my name. With my name… MY NAME!! Ugh… my excitement died down as soon as I realized that I can no longer say I am the one and only Elsja in the United States. I always knew this probably wasn’t true. But deep down in my heart, I kinda hoped I was the only one.

I just get bored sometimes and google myself. Well usually all I find is my myspace page and a bunch of pages that say things like this:

flierenwich dan saweirn gustarf elsja swvent deutchzul

But the other day, I actually found another page in English. I just dont know how I feel… excited? a little. Disappointed? a litte. It’s just such an emotional rollercoaster. Ok maybe not, but it definitely is some interesting news!

And… at least I bought www.elsja.com a long time ago. You snooze you lose! Maybe one day soon I’ll actually put something on it šŸ™‚


I would like to thank my stubborn boyfriend for wasting 20 minutes of our precious talk time tonight. And for declining my MSN checkers invitation. We really could have had a special night playing internet checkers. But instead, you were too stubborn and now, another day has come and gone. A day you will never be able to get back! What if I go to sleep tonight and there’s a massive earthquake and my house caves in and I die. Then you will feel guilty, won’t you? Then, you will wish you would have played that one last game of checkers… won’t you??? But I still love you. I suppose. šŸ˜›

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