So it’s officially one month until my parents come!!!

It will be nice to have someone from home come here to see the life Andrew and I have set up for ourselves. None of my family or friends have ever seen the apartment I’ve lived in for over a year. People can’t see the street I live on (well, I guess they can on google these days). They haven’t eaten the food I’ve cooked in my kitchen, they haven’t sat on my couch to watch some TV.

Think about all your friends and all your family that you are closest to. You’ve been to their homes… you can walk into their places and notice if a picture or plant has been moved. You ask “did you get a new couch?” Or maybe you notice that they have put some new paint up on the walls. Now imagine setting up your own life, getting your first place, decorating, living your life… and never having those closest to you even see that life after almost a year and a half. It’s pretty sad, but that’s the reality you face when you move across the world I guess. So not only am I excited to see my parents again, I’m also excited to just have them be a part of MY world. It will be nice.

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  1. I hear ya sister. I have been here well over 5 years and I have YET to have someone come visit me. Like everything you said, I have a home I’m proud of, dogs to meet, a great office to visit and places I love to frequent. No one has seen any of it. Thankfully in this day in age we have digital photos, Facebook and blogs. But it still isn’t the same. I’m thrilled for you, that you’ll be able to show someone (your parents) your world. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my best friend in March… so she can see My world! All the best!

  2. welcome to my life for the past 9.75 years!! i know i’m a lot closer, but it still takes a lot to get people to visit.

    i mean just think, you came to visit me in 3 times, right? but i went to CA at least 15 times. it starts to wear on you, that’s for sure.

  3. that is great that they have the opportunity to come out! I’m sure you will show them the sights and have fun. Are they staying somewhere close by to you? have a great time and don’t worry about cleaning too much 🙂 –Katrina

  4. I know what you mean. It was just great to have my mom come and see my place. To see how I’ve decorated and to just show her how much I’ve grown. It was my first real home I’ve had since moving.

    I understand exactly what you want.

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