2008 was a good year… full of ups and downs, but luckily more ups than downs I would say. Let’s look back on my 2008…

January** I rung in the new year with my sisters in Laguna ** I did the God awful Master Cleanse detox diet **

February ** Andrew and I spent Valentines day on our couch, with a bottle of wine ** I pretty much spent the whole month preparing for Jen’s shotgun wedding (shower & bachelorette party) **

March ** I went home to California for Jen and James’ wedding- it was beautiful ** We had Jen’s bachelorette party and wedding shower… so much fun! **My niece Emma turned 5 and I got to be with her at her birthday party **

April ** My nephew Preston turned 8… he’s getting so old ** I started my 101 in 1001 list **

May** Andrew got a letter of intent from Qantas Mainline (international flying)… it’s been his dream and goal for years! Now we are STILL waiting on a start date… ** Andrew and I went to Maui with my sister and her family **

June ** My sister Jan got married, unfortunately I couldn’t go to the wedding ** My poor puppy Emmi died of cancer. Damn cancer!

July ** Andrew and I started saving to try to buy an apartment **

August ** Andrew and I went to CA to visit my family and friends ** We then went to Costa Rica and had an amazing time ** Andrew got to meet my sister in Texas and her kids for the first time **

September ** This month marked the 1 year anniversary of when I moved to Australia ** I Turned 28 over the international dateline on our flight back to Sydney **

October ** I went to my first Australian “footy” game… the NRL Grand Final * After months of preparation, I Got my Australian residency ** Andrew turned 28 **

November ** Andrew and I went to Perth to visit some of his family and I flew business for the very first time ** I voted in the US presidential election ** We celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia and I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself… including pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkins ** I Broke my foot and sprained my ankle while trying to catch the bouquet at Bec and Olly’s wedding **

December **  I spent my first ever Christmas away from my family and friends… but got to spend my first Christmas ever with Andrew  ** I got HOOKED on the best book… Twilight. Seriously, I couldn’t get what all the hype was about, but now I clearly understand how those nerdy kids read Harry Potter in a day. I read Twilight in 2 1/2 – and I hardly EVER read ** I bought a Wii! YAY. This also means I get to cross one more item off my 101 list- #72. buy a wii ** Andrew got me a WiiFit for Christmas and I’m anxiously waiting for my foot to heal so I can balance on it and have some fun! ** Andrew got promoted to Captain with his current job 🙂 ** I spent New Years eve with Andrew at Cremorne point watching the fireworks over Sydney Harbour- which is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for the last 3 years. **


***This year we went to 4 weddings, plus got invited to 2 more that we couldn’t attend. I made new friends and got in touch with some old ones. Some had some babies, some lost loved ones, some found love, some lost jobs, some had successes. I think 2008 was financially and emotionally tough on a lot of people, let’s hope 2009 sees things turn around!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


PS. I give up on formatting this damn blog…wordpress can kiss my ass with its crappy text editor




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  1. Oh my goodness, how good is Twilight? I also read it in about 2 days over our new year’s eve getaway. So frickin good. Have you started the second book yet? So good! Oh and I need to get your number so I can give you a call when we get to Australia!

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