Do you want to know what #9 on my list of things that make me REALLY happy is? Finishing my European holiday blogs… which is exactly what I’m about to do. More than just the blog, it’s ticking something off a list. A list that has been hanging over my head since July. I am SO happy to finally be ticking this task of my list.

Our last two stops on our Mediteranean cruise were in Mykonos and Kusadasi (Turkey).

I know it may sound crazy but Mykonos I could take or leave. Some of it was beautiful but some, very average. Andrew and I hired a quad bike which was pretty fun and a bit scary when we didn’t know if it would make it up one of the giant hills (scary because I thought I might actually have to walk up the hill). We cruised around to the beaches and the town and found a few cool places and others that were pretty standard. The water was clear and majestic… absolutely stunning, I’ll give it that, but the painful pebble beaches and brown barren & rocky terrain left something to be desired.  The famous windmills were, well, famous- except for the fact that I didn’t even know they existed until our cruise director told us about them.

I did quite enjoy my first experience at a nude beach. No, I didn’t get my boobies out- but plenty of others were baring it all and while on one hand it was disgusting, on the other hand it was fascinating. Take a close look at the photos and see if you can spot some gay men tush.

I think Mykonos is more well known for its amazing nightlife and party scene, but did I mention- I turned 33 two weeks ago so  raver-esque night clubs til sunrise aren’t really my thing. Maybe if I had more time to really explore the town I would have found more to love.

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Finally, there was Kusadasi (Turkey), land of the hassling vendors. Wow I’ve never experienced anything like it. I actually had a guy tell me for about two minutes how he did not hassle and he lets his customers take their time and would not bother me blah blah blah. I finally told him that by talking non-stop he actually WAS hassling me and I was leaving his store because he wouldn’t shut up. On the other hand, there were some really nice vendors as well. Andrew and I found one we really liked and I walked out with two over priced plates and a bowl but they were just so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. I was very happy with my purchase even though now I will probably be too afraid to use them in case one gets broken. We didn’t really get a chance to explore any more of Turkey but just this snippit of the country did entice me to want to go back… one day… after I go to about 234987 more places.

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And that’s all my friends. Four weeks of European holiday that only took an additional 2 months to blog about.


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