Remember when Andrew and I went to Europe way back in June? Remember when I was blogging all about my trip and then just stopped? Yeah I remember too- that’s why I’m back to finish it all off.

The last phase of our journey, a six night cruise, was one of my favourites. Why? A change from Italian food. Relaxing and not having to pack every two days. Going to bed at night and waking up in a new exotic location. Endless iced tea. I could go on and on. Sure, a cruise doesn’t have the same cultural effect that traveling around by bus and train does, but we’d just had three weeks of that. I wasn’t looking for any more culture. It was relaxing, fun and fattening all rolled into one. I think Andrew was happiest about the all you can eat buffet and hamburger and hot dog stands (with a fully equipped gym to balance it out), not to mention you could carry around BYO wine to these hamburger and hot dog stands at 11pm , as shown in the photo below.

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First, we stopped in Naples. We had a coffee and I bought a fake Prada handbag. That is all I will ever remember of Naples. Remember, we just had three weeks of Italy and we weren’t dying to try the pizza or visit Pompei (although that would have been cool if we had more time). Instead we just sat in a cafe and watched the world go by.

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Next up was lovely Santorini. Oh how I loved this place. When we first departed the cruise ship we were dropped at Fira, on the base of the Island. We had three ways to get up to the top. Cable car, walk or take a poor abused donkey ride. We opted to pass on animal abuse and of course Andrew passed on laziness so our last option was walking. We were told it would take forty minutes to get to the top. It took fifteen. I suppose this is just their ploy to get you to pay for one of the other methods. I wasn’t a huge fan of dodging donkey poo the whole way up but since we got there early, it wasn’t too crowded and the path was pretty clear. Once we got to the top, the views did not disappoint and once again, the hike was worth it.

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Andrew and I loved wandering around the beautiful little streets, stopping at a cafe for coffee, having the most delicious cheese (and salad and other things… but oh the cheese!) for lunch, browsing the shops and of course, Andrew had to get a fish foot spa because what else do people do in Santorini?

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After a few hours in the sun we decided to head back to our ship. While I would have loved to stay and watch the sunset and eat more of that delicious cheese, we didn’t have enough time. Now it was time to brave the donkey trail down and this time it had been open for hours so it was much more crowded, smelly, wet and slippery. Hey, the donkeys have to pee somewhere right?

If you only have one day to spend in a city, Santorini is not a bad place to be.




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