Last night I opened itunes to add some new music I got from Jen and I freaked… where was my music?? There was no music. My itunes was completely empty. Not ONE of my songs was in my library!!! Where did it all go you ask??? Beats me, I’d like to know too! I do know my computer has been doing some peculiar things lately… but my computer has never acted up so much that it would do something so tragic! This could have been disastrous… but luckily I have all my music saved in separate files on my hard drive. It was somewhat of a pain transferring it all back into itunes… but I did it and that’s what matters. My playlists on the other hand, those were lost forever- so i had to kinda recreate a few of my favorites. I guess it also gives me a good reason to create some new fabulous playlists. Good to change things up every now and then. 🙂 

Crisis averted! 


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