One day we will probably have children and when we do, please oh please do not buy our child gobbs of clothing with annoying cartoon characters all over them. Seriously- I don’t understandwhy people think this stuff is cute! While attempting to find a birthday present for Andrew’s cousin’s 2 year old, I was faced with the challenging task of finding something cute and reasonably priced. We had a gift idea originally but then I changed our plans and startedspecifically looking for a cute little bathing suit to go with a little bucket andshovel/spade that I found. I love doing theme gifts and I thought that would be a cute one since summer is coming. So we went searching for the suit.

Over an hour later, we settled on buying one of those horse on a stick things. You know, the ones that kids “ride” around on that make the galloping noises  Yeah, one of those. Why  you ask…What happened to your beachy theme gift ? you ask…

I’ll tell you what happened… the crappy Australian children’s clothing selection is what happened!

1. First we went to Big W. This is where I had the inspiration for the gift when I found the little bucket and spade. I thought it was a great idea and should be fairly simple! So we headed to the children’s clothing section to look for a suit and after searching for ages we found 1… count that…  ONE bathing suit for a child under 5 years old. ONE! It was hideous.

2. Next we stopped at Pumpkin Patch and found the cutest bathing suite for a 2 year old. SWEET! I thought we had scored in the 2nd shop. This was too easy! But then I had a look at the price tag- nearly $40! No thanks.

3. Next was some other kid store- another CRAP selection of swim suits. We had to hunt and search and finally ask someone where we could find the suits. There were about 2 choices (literally), both heinous! In the U.S. there are whole bathing suit sections in kid stores. OH GOD how I miss Old Navy and U.S. quality Target! 🙁

4. Finally we headed to Target – SURELY Target has something right? I thought I had hit the jackpot when I spotted a bathing suit section in the distance. YAY a whole section! This is what I’ve been looking for. I see 3 suits from afar that look decent. I get excited. Oooh a cute little red suit with white polka dots! Woohoo it would even match the red bucket I bought. I grabbed it off the rack with excitement, turned it around and sighed and groaned audibly. Dorthy the freaking dinosaur! WHY oh WHY must people ruin perfectly good children’s clothing by slapping on a big giant ugly cartoon character??? Turns out all the other ones I saw from a distance also were tainted. Dora the Explorer and the Wiggles had to go and ruin them all.

So there we were…Andrew was sick of shopping and I was feeling very homesick… that’s how we ended up buying the horse on a stick (which was the gift idea we had from the beginning anyways)…

When we have kids one day in the far and distant future- please don’t buy anything with Winne the Pooh, The Wiggles, Dora, Elmo, or any of that other crap. I don’t want to have to pretend to like it all and then hide it in the back of the closet only to  pull it out and put it on our child for an hour when you come to visit. Kids have a right to be stylish too!

14 thoughts on “No Cartoons Please!”

  1. i am totally laughing…cuz i felt the same way too. especially shoes with characters. and i vowed that i would never buy anything that LAME. and then your kid is at the talking/walking (watching TV) phase…and you realize it’s not about you…as much : ) although it is about YOUR money, sometimes seeing how happy they are with the super lame cartoon character shoes…makes it okay! GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Amen Sister. My poor kids use to beg for me to buy character t-shirts and light up shoes. My answer has always been the same, “We just dont buy those things in this family.” I have resorted to an occasional character pajama or those junk-food t’s from Gap. They have some old school characters on them and they look decent. Thats it. Thats where I draw the line. It can be done!

  3. I feel your pain…I once tried to shop for a simple, inexpensive baby gift and was so frustrated by the ridiculous prices and horrible selection. Ended up doing the Pumpkin Patch thing, and spent more than we intended to. This is another way in which Australia is deficient…why is so difficult for Oz to get into the 21st century? On this flip side, this another situation where one could “clean up” as they say. Make cute, not cheesy kids clothes. Hell, Asia is around the corner so it should be dirt cheap to produce. Hmmm.

  4. I too loathe the abundance of cartoon-wear. However, when my daughter was quite young, she HATED wearing clothes. I eventually caved and bought her an outfit with the Powerpuff Girls on it. She insisted on wearing it every day. After it was too small and stained from various foods, I threw it in the trash. For days, she would sit by the trash can and cry for it.

  5. Lol, you might not like it, but I bet the kids do! The only time my nephew is ever excited to get clothes is if it has Spiderman or Sponge Bob or whatever on it!! Otherwise, he opens it up, throws it to the side and moves on the next gift.

    1. I’d like to clarify that I have no problem with the cartoons and toys and videos and books and all that. I also realize that once kids get old enough, they start to choose this stuff- I can accept that! But when kids are 0-3, they are not asking to wear dora the explorer and Winnie the Pooh clothing, are they?

  6. I totally agree with your dislike of the character themed children’s clothing. I refuse to buy any of it for my children because I don’t think it is their job to act as a billboard for these products. They certainly aren’t getting paid to do so. Having said that, my children have been given some of this clothing as gifts and they do enjoy wearing it from time to time. You’d also be surprised at how young they begin asking you to wear certain things and how appealing they find these tacky character laden clothes.

    As for finding cute swimsuits here in Australia, we struggle too. I ended up buying our kids the more expensive Speedos because everything else was just crap. The selection here leaves a lot to be desired.

  7. There is a serious lack of good kids clothes here. Pumpkin Patch is cute but really not great quality. Of course, with everyone wearing uniforms kids here really don’t need as much.
    That said, I can’t believe how many kids I see at the park in GAP sweatshirts given that there is no GAP on this continent! Everyone must stock up when they visit the US.

  8. I too, thought the SAME thing before I had kids. But to see how happy my boys are to wear spiderman, I just can’t help but let them wear it – I will choose my battles and this one is just not important enough for me to argue over 🙂
    As for the quality of clothing – I had a search for jeans, went to all the same stores mentioned, even to Myer where they had jeans for 5 year olds that cost $89.95! I could not believe it – I ended up settling for jeans from Target but they are still not so great.

  9. I BEGGED people not to buy shirts for the Roo with stupid sayings on them. “Here comes trouble..” etc. Guess who bought one? MY MIL!

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