Ok so take a look at this picture…where is the focus??? Who is the main character in this shot??


Oh thats right… MEREDITH… Meredith GREY


They better not freakin kill her off. I’LL BE PISSED. And then I’ll cry if McDreamy starts crying. It was already bad enough when he was crying trying to save her life.


3 thoughts on “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

  1. they won’t kill her off, but i did enjoy denny for .03 seconds…

    also, it’s called “grey’s anatomy” for a play on the famous medical book “gray’s anatomy”. written by henry gray in the 1800’s, it’s still used today. i know, i’m a total dork.

  2. and before james makes fun of my for being illiterate like his GF, i know i put “isn’t” in my last comment twice. i’m sorry.

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