I’m really sad Africa week is over. It means that now I have to actually find other things to blog about. Africa gave me so much to write about and I had so many pictures to share as well. Such a shame that it is all over now. I could find more to write about- but I think all the main points were covered. I would like to sum it up by saying THANK YOU once again to Stu and Kimbo. You were so amazing to us while we were there and Kimbo, thanks for organizing all the amazing things we did. If you want to take a look at more pictures from our trip- click the following links:

Photos with the nice camera

Photos with our camera

Until I find something completely amazing to write about, I’ll fill this space with some updates on my 101 project. I have a few items I can check off my list, yay!

#65 – Create a black and white photo album. Ok, so it’s not an ALBUM, but I did make a black and white photo book. The book will act as our guest book for the wedding.

#35- Go on 3 picnics. Hayley and I had a nice little picnic last week down at Kurraba point, so that rounds out my 3. Now I need to go on many many more. 🙂

I guess I’m back to semi-boring posts for now. I do have a new restaurant review to complete so you can keep an eye out for that soon.

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