Have I ever mentioned that this is a big tea drinking household? Andrew probably has 5 cups a day when he’s home, and while I may not drink it as often, I definitely have several cups a week. In fact, we love tea so much that we even have a whole cabinet in our kitchen  devoted to tea. See…

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So, when I got the opportunity to try out a new Ocha teapot, I was super excited. I had seen a demo video of one of these pots and it looked right up my alley. You see, my favourite tea of all time is a particular loose leaf tea, but I hardly drink it because of all the work it requires. I either need to get out a big pot, steep the tea, strain it, clean out the strainer and the remaining tea leaves from the pot, blah blah blah. Or, I can get out one of those little balls that you fill with the leaves- which I do sometimes, but then I have to wait to add my milk and sweetener and then find somewhere to put the ball once it has finished steeping, which I often forget about until I’m nice and cozy on my couch with the cup of tea.

The Ocha Teapot is quite clever.

You fill the pot with loose leaf tea (or coarse coffee… haven’t tried that yet) and hot water.

Let it steep and then simply pick up the pot and set it on top of the cup

The strained tea will pour straight into the cup (which I pre-fill with milk and Stevia).

Ocha Teapot


Once finished pouring, simply lift the pot place the pot onto the little tray and that’s it. It will automatically stop pouring when lifted away from the cup. No mess, really easy to clean as well!

It was so easy to use and I’m really curious to try it with coffee… just don’t have any coarse grounds on hand to try.

My ONLY complaint? Because the pot covers the cup completely, it’s a little hard to tell when the cup is getting full. I found I had to lift the pot a few times to check on it and make sure I wasn’t pouring too much. One time I thought I could see through the clear base into the cup, and it looked like it wasn’t even close to full. Turns out it was the reflection of the tea above and it was, in fact, very full… Whoops!


So who would like to try out the Ocha Teapot? I have THREE to give away to Sydneysiders! Just comment on this post and let me know why you would love to try the Ocha Tea Pot. I’ll choose three winners on the 17th of October!! Must be in Sydney to win so I can arrange to get it to you- (or be willing to pay postage fees). 🙂


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