Did I ever mention how much I love my job? Aside from the cool projects I work on, we have an awesome atmosphere in a gorgeous location and everyone gets along really well. To top it off we have fun little things that we all do together which make going to work enjoyable. I thought I’d share just a few of them.

Wednesday hump day. Every week someone is assigned to bring in a hump day treat. The food can be sweet or savoury but must be homemade. We all sit around the kitchen counter at 11am  and catch up on all the interesting personal stories that everyone has to share as we stuff our faces with mostly fattening but delicious nibblies. But beware if you don’t bring a treat on your designated day, the wrath of the hungry office staff will come down hard in the form of abusive groups emails.

Foam apple wars. Visitors beware, there is usually not a week that goes by without an all out foam  stress ball war breaking out. The best advice I can offer visitors to the office is to just duck and cover. Office equipment may or may not have been damaged during previous wars. Oh, and it’s not just battle that these apples are good for- sometimes we use them to send messages to people when we are too lazy to walk 10 feet to their desk and talk to them in person.

Birthday cake. Who doesn’t love a good birthday cake? There’s usually at least one birthday every month and we order a massive cake, tart or pie to celebrate. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Holiday treats. It’s always fun to show up to work on a holiday and have a special goodie waiting for you on your desk.

Friday drinks. In the office, out of the office, it doesn’t matter. It is not uncommon for a festive beverage (i.e. alcohol) to be spotted on a desk at 3pm. Oh and we’re no stranger to sangria nights and cocktail parties!

Friday request hour. Starting around 3-4pm we crank up the speakers and everyone sends in different requests. Sometimes we have themes (e.g. 80s flashback, hip hop, etc.) and sometimes we send in the most horribly annoying song requests one could imagine… think Rebecca Black, Britney and Bieber.

Did I mention the game room equipped with a dart board and Kinect?

With an office like this, who wouldn’t want to go to work every day?

Ok… maybe now I’m getting carried away.



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