monkey.pngYou have my permission to call me a nerd. A big nerd. When I was about 14, Deanna and I used to play a little game called King’s Quest on her computer. It was an ancient, floppy disk DOS adventure game. The kind of game where the little guy walks around and collects things that he finds… like watches, potions and magic wands… and then he uses them later in the game to solve riddles and save princesses and crap like that.

Deanna and I LOVED this game and would play for hours and hours on end. When we would get stuck, we would call the (not so free) tip hotline. Her mom wasn’t so happy when the phone bill came. We were very excited when we finally won the game after  months of playing!

Well I told Andrew about my jr high gaming obsession and he told me that he and his brothers used to play a game called Monkey Island. It sounded fun, just like Kings Quest. He kept telling me I should get it. Well, even though I am 26 and I’ve completed grad school, have a grown up job and stuff like that… I finally gave in. Today, I bought the first of 4 in the Monkey Island Series.

And yes, I give you permission to laugh. Because not only am I buying computer games to play by myself at home- but I am also buying a very old video game with shitty graphics. The kind of game where you have to read the dialogue in the speech bubbles coming from the little guy’s head…  I never go out anyways, and all I do is watch TV… so i figured what the heck… I’ll just become a bigger dork and start playing old video games. Maybe if i beat this one I’ll buy the next 3 editions.

It’s ok. Feel free to laugh!

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