My BFF Jen LOVES to blog about all the things that make her feel old… and until now, I haven’t really cared to join her. Sure I’ve had a comment here or there about being in my late 20s and feeling old and all… but this week it has REALLY hit me. I’m really starting to realize that 28 IS old. Here are the reasons why:

  1. I am now one of those people that looks at doctors and dentists who are close to my age (or younger) and think… “is he old enough to be doing this?” or “I want someone with more experience.”- At the hospital this weekend I thought that about my orthopedic doctor (he looked about 22) and it freaked me out. Only OLD people think that doctors are too young. Until now, doctors have all naturally been older than me due to the amount of school that is required. But now that I am up there in the years, I’m starting to pass them by. It’s scary.
  2. I have a noticible wrinkle on the left side of my forehead when I raise my eyebrows. It’s time for botox.
  3. I’ve been looking at friends’ albums on facebook lately and when I’m looking at these photos I actually think to myself “wow these people look old” – and they are MY AGE! Sometimes I look at 40-somethings in bars and think “Should they really be THAT drunk?” “Don’t they have a husband and kids to go home to?” And it’s really sad that those are probably the exact thoughts an 18 year old kid would think about me and my friends! šŸ™

In addition to feeling old this week, I of course am very tattered due to this stupid broken foot. I never realized how cruddy a cast could be.

  1. I can’t go to the beach for fear of getting sand in it… and seriously, can you even use crutches in the sand? And not to mention the HORRIBLE tan I would get! Why oh why did I have to do this 2 days before the start of summer?
  2. I can’t exercise and it’s pissing me off. It’s ok though because hopping up my steps, walking to the kitchen, getting dressed and taking a bath are all exercise enough and they totally cause me to lose my breath!! I know it could be worse, but stupid daily tasks are WAY harder than they normally would be. I just really don’t want to sit on my ass for 6 weeks and turn into a tubby! Can someone please bring me a Wii so I can at least sit on my couch and play?Wii tennis and boxing? PRETTY PLEASE?
  3. How am I supposed to drink a lot?I thought of this just now when I got an invite to a Christmas party. I thought… eh- I may not be able to dance and walk around socializing, but I can still go! I’ll just sit on a chair and drink a lot! šŸ™‚ But what happens when I have to walk to the car? Has anyone ever been drunk and tried to walk with crutches? If so… let me know how it went! I really don’t want to eat shit and break the other foot any time soon! I guess Andrew could always give me a piggy back ride like he did the night of my dreaded injury!
  4. How am I supposed to go Christmas shopping? I planned to take the bus to go to the mall or wherever to buy Andrew his present(s) since obviously HE can’t take me to do it (that would ruin any surprise). But now what? I can’t even walk across the road to the car without feeling like I’m going to fall over and die, let alone take a bus to a mall… and then what happens when I buy something? How do i carry it around?
  5. I had to sit on the kitchen floor and eat my cereal this morning. Usually Andrew is here to bring me food on the couch or to the table, but he was at work. Yesterday I managed to hop with a sandwich on a plate from the kitchen to the couch. But you can’t exactly hop with a bowl full of milk.

Ugh… I can’t handle 6 more weeks. THis REALLLLY makes me feel for people in wheelchairs their whole life. I just can’t imagine how horrible that must be!

I just would like to say a big thanks to my wooonderful boyfriend who is taking very good care of me! He’s been cooking and picking up my crap and doing dishes and the laundry. šŸ™‚ And thanks so much to Natasha for coming over last night to eat pizza with me and drink some wine. I’m glad I didn’t have to hang out all night by myself wallowing in my own self-pity.

3 thoughts on “Old and Tattered”

  1. You’re welcome! Good luck on Tuesday!!!

    I feel old when people call me “ma’am” or “lady”. Some bus driver called me lady the other day when I accidentally used the wrong ticket. I wanted to be like “it’s YOUNG lady to you, mister!”. But I resisted.

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