One Day I’ll Be a Pampered Chef!

What a fabulous weekend in the wonderful world of “Elsja buying things she won’t use for a year.” You see, awhile back I went to a pampered chef party hosted by Jackie Rohlfing and there was so much stuff I wanted. She recommended that I host a party so that I could maybe get some discounts on the things I wanted to buy.

Great idea!

So this weekend, I had not only 1, but 2 parties! I was very happy that my friends and family could make it out to join the fun. I really didnt expect everyone to buy stuff. I’ve never been to one of these parties where there weren’t at least 1 or 2 people who just said “thanks but no thanks” but EVERY single person got something!! I was amazed!

So you know what this means for me? DISCOUNTS!! and FREE STUFF!!! So exciting. Here is a list of the stuff I got this weekend:

For 50% off I got:

all three.jpg

1. All new pots and pans that I heard from 3-4 people were REALLY good. I just really can’t afford the All Clad $1,000 set. And since I’m not a fancy chef yet, I don’t think I need pans worth $1,000.

2. A cutlery set: including chef, bread, santoku, utility and paring knives.

3. A cool scraper/spatula set. Made of silicone so they wont scratch my nice new pans ūüôā

And now for the list of stuff I got ENTIRLY for free!!!

1. Honing tool for the knives

2. Quick stir pitcher

3. Rectangular 9 x 13 stone baking dish

4. Oval medium sized stone baking dish

5. Scaper cleaning brush for my new stoneware

6. Hold and Slice (this will be so useful)

7. Mini spatula

8. Measure, Mix and Pour (my sister has this and I love it)

9. A trifle bowl

10. All purpose spreader

11. Mini tart shaper

12. 2 bottles of the cinnamon spice blend

13.¬†Microfiber dish towels (didn’t even ask for these, they just threw them in, yay!)

14. Baker’s roller

ALL THAT FOR FREE!!!¬†It was a¬†good weekend for shopping for the kitchen that I don’t have yet. But I will. One day. Hopefully in a few months ūüôā¬†

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