Well I’ve officially been here exactly a week now. I can’t decide if the week went by fast or slow. I think it’s weird to think I’ve been here that long- but it doesn’t seem that it’s gone by too quickly so that’s good. And the best part is that i still have over 2 weeks left. 

Tuesday Andrew worked for Nova, the radio station his brother Paul is a DJ for. They had this outdoor broadcast down at Manly beach. I got to tag along. Basically they had a band come and do a short interview and then play 2 songs. The band was Hinder. Not sure if you know who they are- but if you listen to the radio I’m sure you’ve heard their one hit- “Lips of an Angel” Ok let me reiterate- ONE hit. These guys thought they were the BIGGEST rockstars! HAHA.  I know their song is number one and all but seriously guys- you aren’t big famous rockstars yet. I mean geez- they’re from Oklahoma, most people haven’t even heard of them. Well, I take that back- according to their myspace page 453,313 people have. 

I must say though- they did sound pretty good. I can’t say they are my preferred choice of music- but they are good for the genre that they fit into. I think I may have grew to like them if they didnt have such big egos. It was funny to hear them talk about drinking and partying all the time and meeting hot  girls every night. Oh and the fact that the one guy set himself on fire and then jumped in the bathtub… that was really cool. He said he wants to be on jackass. I say stick to music. 

I thought it was very fitting when the DJ –Jaba asked if any of them were gay. Such a perfect question to ask!

Here’s a short video for you to all enjoy 🙂 

Hinder Nova OB

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In addition, it was interesting to see all the freaks and weirdos at Manly. There was the old drunk guy that told the Nova crew that he just got out of jail for murdering his 2 brothers. Not to mention he just robbed a liquor store which was why he had about 5 bottles of alcohol in his backpack. 

There was the fat bearded lady. I’m not joking. This lady was fat and had a beard. Not a few straggly hairs- she was pushing a goatee.  Then there was the other old drunk sufer guy from california who came up and started asking me if I had ANY free stuff to give away. He too was drunk… hanging out with his kid and his friends. His 16 year old kid who was smoking and his hoodlum friends who spent about 5 hours just loitering near the beach. He then proceeded to describe the weirdos at Manly- not realizing he was one of them. 

It was an interesting afternoon. But I got to meet a bunch of cool people from Nova and I had fun- even though Andrew kept thinking I was bored 🙂  ?


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