Ok this is really long- but I have a whole weekend to catch up on!!!

Sydney week 1 025 (Small).jpgWe made it through our first weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves… as well as stuffed ourselves with massive amounts of food. I think I’m still full from yesterday – but I’ll talk about that later! Friday night one of Andrew’s friends/students had a party in Newtown and Drew, Sparkes and I took a taxi there to check it out. Oh- this was after Andrew and I had a really nice dinner at a little thai place (thai is my new favorite by the way). We hung out at this party for a little while and got pretty boozy… Andrew more than I. It was just kind of relaxed and laid back, more like a get together. A bunch of Andrew and Sparkes’ students from the Uni were there and the question of the night to Drew was “When did you get your lip pierced??” (He’s had it pierced for 3 years… but never wears it at work). Anyways, it was a pretty fun night. Nothing too crazy which is perfect for me.

Sydney week 1 037 (Small).jpg



Saturday was kind of a lazy day. Well, at first. Just slept in- (andrew enjoyed not waking up at 5:30am for the first time during the week!) We managed to get up and go for a walk in the afternoon. We went to this old military base that is being turned into some sort of park. There were walking trails and nice views of the harbor. There were also lots of stairs. Lots and lots of fun and exciting stairs to walk up.


Also- one of Andrew’s best friend’s Kris flew in from Darwin up north. Just hung out with him for a bit and then he took off to a party. We were going to go see a movie… but when 7:00 came around and we were already tired- we decided that we wouldnt make it through a movie that started at 9! Sooo…. we just walked down to Blockbuster and rented a movie.


Then there was Sunday. Sunday was the day of food. Literally. We started off going to Andrew’s mum Lesia’s house for lunch. First we had yummy dip (they have the best dips here in Australia), then she made some breaded chicken, salad and bruschetta. It was nice to just sit and chat for awhile, just the 3 of us.  It was a good way to start off the day .  Andrew attempted to wash his cousin’s dog Keshi and then we took her for a walk so she could dry off. Then… it was off to his dads.

Sydney week 1 054 (Small).jpg


We headed over to his dad Michael’s house at 3:00. Andrew made me drive the entire 20 minutes from his Mum’s to dad’s. That was fun. Actually, it wasn’t fun at all… but its getting a LITTLE easier now. Now, Andrew’s dad is a good cook. He loves to cook and today- he did just that… COOKED… A  LOT!!! Not only did he have 3 types of dip out to munch on (again, wonderful dip)- he also made a 3 course meal. (Luckily he knew I only eat chicken so the 2nd course was made specially for me). These weren’t little courses either. They were full meals- 3 full meals!!!






Sydney week 1 061 (Small).jpg

So here’s how it went: 

1st course: Pork with veggies in this really yummy sauce (I had some of the sauce over rice).

2nd course: Homemade fried rice with this wonderful honey glazed chicken

3rd course: Spicy prawns (shrimp for all you Americans)





Seriously- I only ate 1 course (plus some rice and sauce from the pork) and I was STUFFED!!! Look at Andrew and his brother Paul after all 3 meals.

Sydney week 1 074 (Small) (Small).jpg











After all that food… how can you do anything other than go home and go straight to bed?? Well, you can’t… so that’s what we did. One weekend down and 4 more to go! 🙂

12 thoughts on “One Weekend Down”

  1. I had to run up those stairs 3 times once. My heart was pumping out the back of my rib cage.

    Why wont you come to the footy?????

  2. I WOULD go to footy! I just don’t really get it at all… sooo I don’t know how much fun I’d have- BUT I’d love for us to all hang out regardless!!!

  3. Its not about the game. Its about eating pies and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, preferrably in the sun to multiply its effect.

    This blog already highlights that you love food and alcohol – hence you would LOVE the footy. Particularly with the broncos smashing the eels.

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