So someone named Bruce posted a comment suggesting 4ourcause.com Im not really choosy but I just think people should sign up for one of these. Seriously- it’s free and I know people shop online. Both these sites have good causes and both have cool stores. 4ourcause even has ofoto and I order pics all the time. Take 10 extra minutes before you shop to sign up. You’ll feel good while you shop. This especially goes out to Jen who specifically said she will be doing all her Christmas shopping online!


For ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE that plans to buy ANYTHING online EVER… Shop on IGIVE.COM

They have all the stores you usually would buy from online, and every time you purchase something, a % goes to a charity of your choice. Things cost the same, but you will help out charities at the same time!!! You have to just log in with your email address and it keeps track of how much is being donated. It’s one extra step in the online buying process, but it’s worth it.

I just found out about this, so I havent tried it out yet, but I read all about it and it just makes sense. Why wouldn’t you shop on igive? 🙂

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