Optus Customer Service: so far so good…

Watch out world, I’m FINALLY getting with the times and becoming the proud owner of an iphone! There was a bit of a dilemma when we were trying to decide which provider to use so I did what I do best… I analyzed everything. I asked friends for recommendations on Facebook and Twitter, I called friends who have iphones, I created a massive spreadsheet that included a comparison of four different providers (roughly 2-3 plans per provider) AND I spoke to representatives for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone either on the phone or on wonderful online chat.

So Friday the Optus online chat guy told me that if I ordered my iphone online, I’d get it in 3-5 days. Not bad considering Vodafone said I’d have it in 4-6 weeks!! (Another bonus point for optus!) After consulting with Andrew on Saturday, we decided that Optus was the way to go. Telstra was a close second but only because Ben and Mike gave them good reviews. To be honest, Telstra’s plans are rubbish! Vodafone has some of the worst customer service known to man so I was not too sad to be leaving them. I didn’t hear much about Virgin so I just decided to not waste my time there.

I promptly went online to try to order my phone. I went through the entire ordering process only to have the “we are processing your order” message stay on the screen for about 5 minutes before it timed out. I tried about five more times before sadly giving up after I received a message saying I needed to call customer service to provide more info. Well, I couldn’t do that because they are closed on the weekends. Not only that… it was also a long weekend due to the holiday so I had to wait THREE days!! I told Andrew I felt like a kid on Christmas who just got a really cool toy to play with but my parents forgot to buy batteries.

FINALLY this afternoon I was able to call to speak to someone. Well, the not-so-helpful customer service rep quickly dismissed my request and said “you couldn’t order one because we are out of stock.” That’s it. No explanation, no estimate as to when they would get more… nothing. Any question I asked was practically ignored and he simply said he couldn’t help. I was deflated. I don’t understand why they had so much stock on Friday and NONE after a weekend where NO ONE could have called up to order one.

You are probably wondering why I think Optus has good customer service after this guy was such a tool. Well, I just refused to just accept his answer. I noticed on the Optus site that I could “Tweet” my customer service question or request. So, I did… and I got a response right away. I was pointed in the direction of a site to enter my query, so I did… and I got another response right away.

Then a guy name Julz called me and after speaking to him and another guy, Craig, I was promptly set up with a new phone plan and my brand spanking new iphone 4 will be here by Friday. I’m so excited.

I’m so thankful for the latest trends in using social media as customer service. No longer do we have to sit on phone forever with our questions and complaints. I just sent a quick little message and my questions were quickly answered. Good job Optus (just get rid of that first guy I spoke to)!!

Now Vodafone– there’s a company with a pile of crap for customer service. I had to call this morning to deal with a pretty major technical issue and I was on the phone with the idiots for about an hour before my issue was FINALLY resolved. I will NOT miss them.

4 thoughts on “Optus Customer Service: so far so good…”

  1. Good choice on Optus! I got my iphone from there, and I’m very happy with my plan. I didn’t pay anything for my phone, and I pay $60/month. Just make sure you don’t get water on your phone- they made me pay up for that šŸ™

  2. Funny. I upgraded from my 3GS to the iphone 4 two weeks ago. I am with Virgin, I just walked into the store, they ported my number, and in 6 minutes, I walked out with a new phone. šŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah I COULD have gone into a store. Probably would have been easier- but they had “online only” specials so I decided to just order one. It’s FINALLY coming tomorrow.

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