Our Apartment Just Got a Little Hotter

I’d like to introduce you all to?the new addition to our apartment.

 03-08 chili 002 (Small).jpg

03-08 chili 006 (Small).jpg

We’ve yet to name our dear chili plant. I’m taking suggestions because I just can’t think of any that are fitting of our new colorful, spicy friend. I won’t bother telling you Andrew’s suggestion for a name… it may offend readers. One more thing to cross of my 101 list! # 25 is now complete!

5 thoughts on “Our Apartment Just Got a Little Hotter”

  1. my coworker just suggested naming it “chilli” which i don’t really agree with.

    i would go for something spicer like “heartburn” or “indigestion”.

  2. Although your co-workers idea is a bit obvious, it did give me an idea.

    I think I’ll name my new plant Willie. Chilli Willie. Like the penguin cartoon. yay.

  3. I first thought of purple rain. Since it has been raining so much. Chilli Willie is cute. A few others that popped in the head are… Hot Millie, Steamer, VioletO, Purp,

  4. I should let you all know that the chilis turn from green to purple to red… so any purple related names will be canned. 🙂

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