So the girls and I headed out to PS this weekend for a fun-filled, sun-filled and drinky-filled weekend. It was the 5 of us: Jen, Nicole, Alison, and Shannon.

Oh, and we also brought along 12 of our other closest friends.

So anyways, Friday night started out with some drinking of the champagne. Started off with one bottle-

Then we got to 5 bottles-

Finally, after 6 1/2 bottles, this occured:

Oooo my favorite part of the night was sitting across the table from Nicole. You see, there was this fabulous reflection in the glass of the table and so it appeared as if all she was wearing was a garter belt. She’d like me to add this disclaimer:

*please be aware that nicole is not actually a hairy girl, even though it may appear so in the picture*

THEN… we decided to take 200 pics on Jen’s Mac photobooth… Yes, 200! We are psychos I know. Don’t worry, I won’t post all the pics, but here’s one just so you can see how crrraaazy we are!!

OOOOO NO!!! It’s RAINING on us. hehehehehe we are such nerds!

So that was Friday.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. Lounged all day on floaties in the 98 degree pool (which was much better than the 115 degree desert air outside!) Our lemondrop slushies were fab in the horrible heat! Nice and refreshing!

Saturday night was a pleasent surprise. First we had some yummy yummy dinner at maki maki. Then it was off to South Beach bar to watch the fight. You know… the hyped up UFC fight between Ortiz and Shamrock that only lasted 1 minute and 18 seconds. We were soooo bummed. But, after the next two fights this awesome DJ appeared and started playing some tunes. We drank a little alchy… shook a little booty… and had lots of fun! (until poor nicole lost her wallet) šŸ™

And as we all know… all good things (especially vacations) usually come to an end. Our little mini road trip was no exception! Our second annual PS trip had to come to a close and we got home today, hangovers and all.

Thanks to all the girls for a superb weekend. Next year will be even better!!

Oh and I didn’t go to bed til 4am both nights. I think that is like a record!!! I’m such a trooper šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Our Palm Springs Weekend”

  1. Poor Nicole, I can’t believe you put up her crotch shot, even with the disclaimer. šŸ™

    Good times. So sad we can’t fit it in again anytime soon….but I guess you never know what could come up!

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