I went snowboarding this weekend for the first time in over 10 years. The reason I know it has been that long is that I actually still had my last lift pass attached to my snow pants and the date was February 14th, 1999. Crazy! So since I had no internet for nearly 4 whole days, it was impossible to update everyone on the trip. So I thought I’d update you all on the weekend in a facebook/twitter status update-like fashion. This is mostly because I can’t be bothered to type full paragraphs. So pretend you just read these all throughout the weekend 🙂



  • is driving to Jindabyne with Andrew- I just saw wild Emu and I’ve seen tons of wild kangaroos too 🙂
  • arrived at the apartment- pretty nice place. Now we’re eating pizza, watching a movie and waiting for the others to get here.




  • is on the slopes for the first time in 10 years… I’m REALLY scared
  • is eating shit, this is a bit harder than I remember
  • is getting a group snowboard lesson with 3 other girls. Our instructor is great and I’m actually getting the hang of this!
  • is using my new knowledge of turning and making it down the bunny slopes without falling.
  • had a great first day of snowboarding, now we’re drinking schnapps and beers at the bar on the slopes.
  • is making fajitas for dinner and having some wine.
  • and Andrew are kicking butt playing the game Articulate with the rest of the group.




  • woke up sore, but not too sore. I’m ready for more boarding.
  • just finished my 2nd group boarding lesson and I was probably one of the best ones in the group of 10. I’m really getting the hang of this.
  • decided to go up to the higher lifts, it is WAY colder up here, super windy and a lot steeper- I’ve lost all confidence to practice turns
  • has changed her mind, I’m NOT getting the hang of this and have fallen more in the last 3 hours than I did the entire first day.
  • is in pain. Lots and lots of pain.
  • can’t stand up. I keep falling over and I’m just too tired to even stand anymore.
  • is so over snowboarding!!!!
  • and the rest of the group are heading to Kris’ friend’s place in Thredbo for a BBQ.
  • has seen more roadkill on this trip than I have my entire life.
  • enjoyed a great  BBQ dinner and conversation but I got one of my stupid stomach aches.
  • took some medicine and laid down, feeling much better now.

044?029   SundayElsja:

  • woke up in horrible pain. Pretty sure I have whiplash. I do NOT want to snowboard today.
  • realized that if I don’t snowboard, I’ll sit alone for the next 6 hours doing nothing so I’ve decided to suck it up and give it another chance.
  • just went down Friday Flats (the bunny slopes) again and actually did really well- maybe I haven’t lost my confidence after all!
  • ran into a few friends, SO many people are at Thredbo this weekend.
  • was just asked “Friday flats AGAIN ” by the guy checking my lift pass. So what if I’m a wuss and can’t go on the bigger runs after yesterday’s experience?
  • is getting better and better… so glad I ended up boarding today- I’ll leave on a high note!
  • and Andrew just said goodbye to the snowy mountains and we’re on our way home. My body is still in massive pain, but I had a great time!


To see the rest of our pictures- click here!

5 thoughts on “Our Snowboarding Weekend”

  1. Poor little wombat. 🙁 I pet one at the Steve Irwin zoo once – it was very friendly!!

    Loved the twitter/facebook style post – glad you had fun (even if you were more than a little sore) 🙂

  2. Hey Elsja,

    Oooh I’m jealous! I love snowboarding so much. I just learned last year so I can vividly remember the feeling of finally being able to go down a run with some confidence. Even the small hills feel like such an accomplishment eh? I’m still scratching my head over the fact that I was hiking (in a tank top!) the same weekend you were snowboarding but I guess that’s Australia for you 🙂

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