Packing, Packing and More Packing

SO OVER the packing.

I feel like I’ve been packing for 5?months straight. Slowly I acquired new things in about June-ish and started organizing them bit by bit.

Next… as the shipping date came closer in August I really had to start cleaning out my room and ALL my belongings and I started packing some things up in boxes.

Then,?on moving day, more all day packing when the movers arrived.

Finally…?I had to start packing up the rest of my crap to bring in my suitcases when I came here.

And now for the last week we’ve been packing up all of Andrew’s stuff to take with us to the new apartment.

WHEN DOES IT END?? I just want to get our keys… bring in our boxes… do some major cleaning of the place- I mean every drawer, nook and shelf. Then, I want all my fabulous belongings to arrive so?I can organize the place and live happily ever after!

p.s.?I don’t want to hear any “welcome to the wonderful world of moving” – I know this is how it is… but that still doesn’t mean I like it. And besides that, I don’t think the process usually lasts THIS long!

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