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The Ocha Teapot
Casino Rehearsal
An Eight Friends Weekend
Work Life Balance
Professor For a Day

My “Expert” Concert Review

Since I like music but am by no means any sort of expert, I’ll write this review with one disclaimer: this is my OPINION Last …

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A Better Day

So the last few days were filled with some boredom and frustration. Boredom because I’m home alone with little to do when Andrew works and frustration that …

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So Boring

I’m so boring these days and I never write much here so I will write about a few things that I have been doing the …

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The Dollar is Sucking Ass

I’m sure this blog will be very boring to most of you, but I’m so annoyed that I have to write about it anyways! So …

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We Got It!

Andrew and I were approved and chosen to lease the apartment we wanted! We still have to sign the lease papers- but that shouldn’t be …

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Big Day for Elsja

Guess what I did? I DROVE! on the OTHER side of the road. I’ve done this before but I was always real scared. Since I …

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