So they made it šŸ™‚ They did miss their connecting flight to Sydney since their flight into Brisbane was late- but luckily it only put them back an hour. The first day they got here we just all settled in and talked and I took my mom to the grocery store so she could experience the miserable shopping trolleys for herself. She didn’t seem to mind them- I’m not sure why she found them tolerable because every other American (and many Australians) in this country HATE those damn carts!

Yesterday we spent the day at Darling Harbour. Andrew’s mom/mum and brother Paul came along too. We walked around the Harbour (it was a beautiful day), had lunch and then headed to Wildlife World. Even though you can’t hold a cute, cuddly koala in NSW, my mom was pretty stoked that she got to pet one. I really think they are the cutest animals ever. We also saw many animals in the not-so-cute spectrum. Lizards, snakes and the deadliest spider in the world… yeah not so cute. Fun fact: did everyone know that the deadliest spider in the world is only found right here in Sydney? It is actually called the “Sydney Funnel Web.” So yes, not only do we have the deadliest spider in the world living in this country, it literally could be right in our back yard…if we had a back yard. And they are aggressive so they chase you! Nice right?

I was really sad that my favorite of all the animals at WW wasn’t there anymore!! Where did mr. thorny devil go? So SAD šŸ™

Last night we headed to dinner at the Mosman Hotel and my dad was pretty impressed with the $7.50 steak! Too bad he didn’t order one- so we’ll probably be going back eventually for another.

Today has been a very lazy day… well, lazy for my parents- I just worked all day and so did Andrew. It was really cloudy and nasty out so I think they were happy to just have a day to relax after our long day of walking yesterday. Tomorrow will be more eventful šŸ™‚

Here are a just a couple of pictures from our day out yesterday. I’ll post more pictures once I get a good amount going.



Oh and the birdies were back today. They hadn’t been back in 4 days and they finally showed their faces for about 5 minutes. Only enough time to have a few nibbles. At least mom and dad got a quick peek and said hello šŸ™‚

Lastly, I would like to point out to my dear friend Amanda that no, this is not Andrew’s first time meeting my parents. I actually hope you were joking in that comment because Andrew has been to California at least 4 times and stayed in my parents’ house each of those times šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Parents Down Under”

  1. haha! that wasn’t my question – my question was: is it the first time YOUR PARENTS are meeting HIS PARENTS??? silly girl.

    i’m glad you guys are having fun – looks like your parents enjoyed the animals!

  2. Great pictures!! That koala looks like its in heaven! Your mom probably doesn’t mind the carts because she knows she doesn’t have to use them any more after two weeks!

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