I’ve slept in a lot of uncomfortable places and on a lot of terrible beds in my time. There was the time I chose to sleep on an ottoman half my size rather than the rock hard rollaway bed in Bali, the time I had to drag a mattress down the hallway of a hotel room to avoid the snoring of others in the bedroom in New Orleans, the time I was awake all night killing mosquitos in the sweltering heat of a rented room in Venice, or the time I had “the opportunity” of sleeping on the rock hard floor of the Opera House with nothing but a yoga mat for cushion. All amazing places, but terrible sleeping experiences.

So when I saw this promotion by ibis, I had a little chuckle and felt like this type of challenge was right up my alley.

In January, ibis came up with the ulimate test to show as many people as possible, how strongly they guarantee the comfort of their Sweet Bed. They sent an adventurer, Aaron Chervenak to the top of Devil’s Mountain in the Amazon where he put the Sweet Bed by ibis to the ultimate torture test. He ventured to a place where no one has ever dared to sleep before.

For this challenge, a team led by Aaron and his friend Gareth Jones put this snazzy bed to the ultimate test. They wanted to prove that the bed could guarantee a wonderful, comfortable night’s sleep even in one of the most hostile and uninhabitable places on the planet… unlike my experiences in Venice and the Opera House. 🙂

Web users can immerse themselves in this unique adventure through an innovative  website which allows people to “live” the expedition along side the crew. It’s pretty cool. Check it out below!

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