Perks and Pitfalls of Being Married to a Pilot

Tonight I came home from work tired, stressed and dreading another day in the office. Work has just been insane lately and while much of it is enjoyable and even somewhat exciting, there are definitely elements that are draining and frustrating as well. Today I’m having one of those “is it Friday yet?” days! But my husband has had it even worse! He has something like 5 days off this week (don’t know the actual number, I lost count). For those of you who may be less observant, that was sarcasm. Sure he was away for 4 days last week, so he deserves 5 days off… just like I worked 4 days last week so I deserve 5 off. That’s how it goes, right?  Needless to say, sometimes I really love his job and other times I hate it. Let’s examine why.

First for the Perks

He looks good in a uniform.

Cheap Australia flights (and flights to select overseas destinations as well).

I get to hear all the ins and outs of why planes are VERY unlikely to ever crash because of turbulence.

I get to learn about the best places to sit on a plane depending on whether you want safety, noise reduction or the the smoothest ride.

He has lots of days off so he can take care of all of our life admin tasks like going to the post office and calling our internet provider to complain about our crappy service once a week.

I usually have at least one or two nights a week to myself which means I can watch all my girly shows like Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy.

On the nights when he’s home, he’s usually home early enough to make dinner.

And now… the Pitfalls

I miss him when he’s away 3, sometimes 4 nights a week.

He doesn’t necessarily get public holidays or any other special days off so holidays and events can be tough to plan.

90% of his friends are pilots… so you can imagine the types of conversations we have over dinner. No really, I LOVE hearing about IFR, VFR, LNAV, VNAV and ILS approaches for 2 hours while we eat.

And my favourite at the moment…I get to come home and hear about how busy his day was because he had to catch up with 3 people for breakfast and coffee, play tennis, watch tennis AND get his tennis racquet re-strung so he just didn’t have a single moment to just sit and chill out.

These are just a few… I could add many more things to each of the lists but it’s late and I have to get up for another day in the office tomorrow since for some reason I’m not getting those 5 days off I had hoped for.


8 thoughts on “Perks and Pitfalls of Being Married to a Pilot”

  1. Oh Elsja, I feel your pain. It’s refreshing to hear someone else has an unconventional work schedule. My husband works in the car business. He only has 1 weekend off a month, and his days off are during the week: when I’m at work. You would think since he works for his family, his hours would be better. but no! We enjoy lots of perks because of his job too: new cars and car deals, vacations, wine and great financial compensation. And I get to have time to myself and go out with my girlfriends. But in the end, I would still rather have him with me more. Over the 8 years we have been married, I always struggle with his schedule. But I think it makes us appreciate each other more and the time we do get to spend together. I wish we lived closer, we could go drink wine together when our hubby’s are working. 🙂

  2. “No really, I LOVE hearing about IFR, VFR, LNAV, VNAV and ILS approaches for 2 hours while we eat.”

    You cracked me up with that one, sooo funny! 🙂

  3. The perks and pitfalls are very similar to being married to a firefighter. I haven’t spent a holiday with my husband in almost a year, unless you count me driving 2 hours to have dinner at his station on Xmas eve.

  4. I feel like this is starting to become me… but swap Pilot with Doctor. 10 Days and my husband is finished studying so the next few months are going to be nice! But I’m curious to see how his hours are when he starts as an intern in January!!

  5. I love being married to a pilot but and your perks and pitfalls were spot on!

    I love the travel in the US, meeting him when he has a good layover destination, and overseas trips (he’s German) so I’ve seen many wonderful places with him. I have a busy career and fill much of his away time with work which is nice – but I agree that it’s nice to come home at just read, or watch “my shows” and just chill (love not having to make dinner every night!).

    He’s amazing as well when he’s here – the “honey-do” list is always done, car is always serviced, lawn mowed, etc. I also get the “woe is me” from him about only having 14 days off this month …. LOL We golf, so when he starts griping about his days off not having good tee times or it’s raining and he can’t golf and I’m pulling another 50 hour week at work I’m like … “are you still talking? I hear something ….” 🙂

    I would agree too about holidays … by far the biggest downfall to me. We’ve just learned to celebrate on some alternate date and treat the real day like any other. Works for us!! It’s all about what you make of it I think.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I know I’m definitely not the only pilot wife out there who feels this way. It’s great to get reassurance from others though. 🙂

      Agree about the honey do list. He’s amazing at taking care of all our life admin like paying bills, doing the laundry, going to the post office and even grocery shopping while I’m at work. 🙂

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