Sydney Week 4 023 (Small).jpgSo we made it to the Dashboad concert last night and it was nice 🙂 You could definitely see, or hear rather the effects of jet lag on poor Chris Carraba. They seemed a little tired and played some pretty slow, mellow songs- but they were still great. The venue wasnt huge, standing room mostly, but luckily for me- not too crowded. An Aussie band called Antiskeptic opened and they were pretty good. Jen– remember the beautiful set with shooting stars and all the cell phones in the crowd that looked like stars? Well, he attempted that here… didn’t go over so well. He even called the people in the back lazy cause they didn’t get their phones out. HEHE.

Well anyways, the most interesting part of the night was definitely not the band. I’ll backtrack a little. It all started when we walked out the front door to get in the car and it was drizzling… we still get in the car. As we start driving I ask Andrew, “do you have an umbrella?” His reply was “no I’m a boy” hmm ok. Anyways, I said- “What happens if it starts pouring down rain and you have to walk really far to your car because you have to park far from everything in this city?” His reply was “that’s NEVER happened to me.”

hmm.. oh really?

Well so anyways… get to the concert… evertyhing’s wonderful… fun times… then we walk outside when its over…


So what could we do? Well, like everyone else around us, we just said “1…2…3…” and then RAN for it. (Oh I also took of my shoes and ran barefoot because with thongs on I probably would have just ate it since they are so slippery)

This is what my pants looked like by the time we got to the parking lot so you can imagine how the rest of me was. It actually was Kind of fun running through the rain, but it sucked sitting in wet clothes in the car for 35 minutes before we even got out of the parking lot (yes lot, 1 of 2 I’ve seen this entire trip).

Sydney Week 4 025 (Small).jpg



The thunder and lighting were cool last night. Perfect cuddle weather. The thunder stopped after we went to bed, but like all of Australia’s natural glories, we were woken up by a LOUD thunderclap at 6:00am. That’s all. Just 1. Just a random bit of thunder that said… “hmmm I think I’ll scare the crap out of everyone who is sleeping peacefully in their beds at the moment!” Took the place of all the birds since they were probably taking cover from the rain.

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