Dear annoying people that keep calling me,

Why does your Dr. office or pharmacy or crackhouse keep calling me EVERY freaking day asking for some random person. I keep telling you nicely that you have the WRONG number and you need to change it in your crappy ass system… but NOOO… you just keep calling, and calling, and calling, and calling… URGH!!! Don’t you get it?? I’m not Bubba or Bambi or whomever you are trying to reach. I don’t need to pick up my lab results, STD meds, crack pipes or whatever else you have waiting for me. I just want to block you numbnuts so you stop calling me!

** Does anyone with Sprint know how to block numbers on your cell phone? **

On a more uplifting side note:

It’s amazing what some exercise and a little Juice Plus can do. Ok Ok, I guess I did start eating a LITTLE better too… but I am happy to say that my cholesterol went down! I know, I know- it is exciting, dont hurt yourself when you are jumping for joy at your office desk! It went from 224 to 212 a few years ago and now it is down to 192. I’m actually healthy again! Who would’ve thunk it??? I can’t believe it went down 32 points! I guess a healthier lifestyle can actually pay off.

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