1. I paid off my credit card!! YAY!! I haven’t been debt free from credit cards since I started grad-school in 2004. Well now, they are finally paid off. Sure I still have 35K in student loan debt, but I just look at that like a really really cheap mortgage. $250 a month that I’ll be paying for the next million years.


2. I started back at yoga. I hadn’t been since right before Andrew got here and I’m feeling it now. Super sore, but that’s a good thing. The instructor yesterday kicked our butts. Just what I need before the holiday feasts start.

3. My mom’s 60th birthday party was a huge success and everyone loved the flowers and present cakes… (yes, cakeS). See, look how cute they all were:

s 60th bday party 004 (Small).jpg

 s 60th bday party 017 (Small).jpg

4. I’m going Christmas shopping today. The other day I had to go to Barnes and Noble to get a guest book for my mom’s birthday party. Well, as I drove around for 10 minutes looking for parking, it suddenly hit me… Christmas shopping season is starting soon. Christmas shopping season is the most dreadful time of year for me. Now, I love love love Christmas- but I HATE Christmas shopping. Not because of the money I have to spend, or figuring out what to buy people… it’s because I HATE crowds, I HATE traffic and I dislike malls in general. So out of fear, I have decided to shop at random times on random days ASAP before it gets any worse.

5. Andrew left less than a week ago and it already feels like an eternity!!! It sucks having to say goodbye over and over and over. Hopefully he’ll be coming next month so I shouldn’t have to wait too long before my happiness returns 🙂

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