Here are some fun facts about this weekend and some of the events that occured.


1. It has already been 1 week since Shannon and Dougie’s wedding. SHEEEZ!!  This week flew by

2. It is only “5 night sleeps” (as my nephew would say) until Andrew comes! Yay. I already made dinner reservations at Tantalum and I can’t wait!

3. Today was the baby shower for Catherine Gale. It was beautiful and I still think Cathy weighs less than me and she’s like 8 months prego! She’s one of the cutest, tiniest pregnant girlies ever.

4. My 3 year old niece asked me “did you color your hair?” She is THREE and she is the only one who even said anything about my hair since I got it done… how observant 🙂 Kids these days…

5. My mom turned 60 Thursday!! Happy belated bday!

6. Amanda turned 27 today and it’s the 1st year in 3 years that Jen and I haven’t been in New York to celebrate with her 🙁 maybe next year! I miss New York!! (Amanda, I would say I miss you too, but I just saw you last week… hehe)

7. My e.coli or other weird stomach disease finally subsided… I hope. It’s been gone for 3 days and I hope it doesn’t come back.

8. Jen is a homeowner!! She gets keys to her place on Wednesday. All these weddings and home purchases… my friends are all growing up!!

9. Someone created a mechanical mom mannequin that actually gives birth for training purposes. Wow. Plastic dolls that give birth. Interesting. What will they come up with next?

10. And for an even weirder news story… click here.

Hmmm that’s all for my news update. Time for bed.

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