Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning

When Andrew and I went to bed last night, we had a conversation about how early the sun has been rising lately. We both discussed how bright it was at 6:30 am yesterday and how it felt like the sun had been up for hours by that point.

So when I woke today at 6:30am to pee and the bathroom was glowing a dark orange, I knew something wasn’t right- but I was too tired to really care too much. After my half-asleep, dazed bathroom break I started to walk back into the bedroom. When I saw how orange the bedroom was- I decided maybe this was strange enough for me to investigate. I headed to the living room and walked towards the balcony. I’ve never seen anything like it! The sky was bright orange! I ALMOST took a picture and I ALMOST woke Andrew up to check it out… but at 6:30 I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than to think “huh… weird” and go back to bed.

By 7:30- when I woke up for real, it had faded to a nasty, dirty yellow color so unfortunately I don’t have any of my own cool                            pictures to share. So here are some from And remember- the sun rose at 5:43 am- so by the time these pictures were taken- it should have been very light out.

Previously and now ... how the Sydney Harbour usually looks like (left) and during the dust storm (right). Photo: Luke Johnston

Previously and now… how the Sydney Harbour usually looks like (left) and during the dust storm (right). Photo: Luke Johnston- reader

(Top) A shot of Neutral Bay on a normal day, and (bottom) during the dust storm. Photo: Lauren Jarrott, reader

So what was all this caused from?? A massive sand and dust storm from over 900 miles away, that’s what!. Here’s what had to say:



P.S. did I mention that my retardo fiance decided to play tennis today? Highest polution level ON RECORD and he decides to go play outdoor sports. Smart guy.

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