Relationship Advice from Strangers – Part I

Just in time for Valentines Day, I’ve got some love tips for you all!!

A while back I think I mentioned how my friends were so kind as to collect a book of advice on love and marriage during my bachelorette party weekend. Who better to give the advice than random strangers right? I’ve always thought it would be great to share these tips on my blog, so now I am… in a multi-part series. You may want to bookmark this page and head back here any time your relationship needs a little pick-me-up because some of these tips are stellar (and hilarious).

1. Be happy with whatcha got ’til you get whatcha want.

2. Make the decision to love and commit and all the adventures and joys of marriage will take care of themselves.

3. Never blame, always communicate, love conquers all. Work together, possibilities are endless

4. Never make excuses

5. Remember why you fell in love. Put each other first, marriage first. Family second, everything else last. A healthy, loving relationship takes time and effort. Communicate well and never go to bed angry. Overuse I love yous.

6. Stay 10 years, you get the money

7. Keep everything nice and trimmed. Grooming is key

8. Men are not able to do two things at once, including but not limited to thinking and speaking at the same time. Emotions are sometimes sheltered but we will always want the best for you!

9. When you really want something, but you know the answer is “no”, ask him in bed! 🙂

10. Always say “I love you” before leaving or going to bed and always have a pair of crotchless panties available.

11. If you don’t forgive and learn how not to resent, it’s like drinking a vial of poison and expecting it to affect the other person.

12. Expect the unexpected. Never take for granted your relationship no matter how solid it may be. Realize, if you can’t handle things at their worst, you don’t deserve them at their best.

13. One word: swallow

14. The key to a great wedding and marriage is laugh first when something is going bad. Laugh, laugh, laugh… oh and lots of blow jobs.

15. Just lay back and think of Scotland

Words to live by, I tell you! And we’ve only just gotten started…

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