Relationship Advice from Strangers – Part II

This little batch of advice all came from one guy who sat by the pool writing in my notebook for about 2 hours.

1. Don’t cheat unless you know you won’t get caught
2. Sometimes your man wants to sit in silence… let that happen
3. Randomly dirty dance with your man
4. Always make your guy feel number one. If you see a movie star that is hot… it is ok to say he’s hot but follow it with “but you’re hotter”
5. Never have bad breath
6. Send a random text to let him know you’re thinking of him
7. You have to reverse spoon sometimes even if you don’t want to
8. Randomly grab his hand in the car when you are on the way to dinner
9. Have 1 random drunk night every now and then… to venture out of your “comfort” zones
10. Wear black panties once a week and let him see them when he least expects it
11. Have a “make dinner” night together once a month… don’t be shy, let the ingredients play a “role”
12. He is allowed to be on top and have his way with you every now and then
13. Kissing after oral is ok
14. When he is taking a shower… sneak in and grab his towel. Put it in the dryer and return it nice and warm for when he gets out- Bonus Points!!
15. 1 vacation per year minimum (no exceptions)

Think that’s all?.. Oh no… there is more. Oh so much more. To be continued…

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