Relationship Advice from Strangers- Part III

Back from a hiatus to provide you more relationship advice from complete strangers.

16. Do things together. Be US, not you and I.

17. Do not “sext” other guys

18. Do not send inappropriate pictures to exes

19. Your Facebook account should be available for him to see at any time.

20. Workout together… hormones/physical activities lead to other activities

21. If another man slaps your ass in front of your guy, you be the one to step up and handle it- don’t make him do it.

22. It is ok to “warm up” in front of your man and your man only

23. Grooming is important, even in the winter

24. He should ask you how your day went

25. Toys are completely acceptable and shouldn’t be judged

26. He should give you a full body massage (including inner thighs) occasionally

27. Jewlery is important

28. He should get a long WELL with your mom and dad

29. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell him what you want, when, where, how… guys don’t read minds.

30. Always desire him. The “look” has to be there, even from across the room. In a crowded room… it is silent to each of you when you make eye contact.

31. There is no reason to ever wear “granny panties”… EVER

32. He should run his fingers through your hair. Massage the scalp.

33. Hot tub heavy petting is ok… the bubbles hide the wandering hands

34. If the boat sinks, you should share the piece of wood… not like leonardo

35. He should look into your eyes on the “first dance”

More to come…

4 thoughts on “Relationship Advice from Strangers- Part III”

  1. Wow i really liked all 3 parts so far lol You know how to treat your husband. I very much so like your points, ur keeper thats forsure šŸ˜‰

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