So I eat at Quiznos a lot and at many different locations. For some reason, I always seem to have problems at one particular location… (see here for my initial complaint).

Well today I order my sandwich, Honey Bourbon Chicken on wheat- no onions. The guy puts the sauce on and then two TINY tomatoes… must have been the very ends and the two of them together didnt even cover half the bread.

So I said “can I please have more tomatoes?”

The guy said “we have to charge you.”

I said “well I’m not getting onions so can I just get the extra tomatoes instead of onions?”

He said “no, we still have to charge you.”

So I then said “well can you at least give me different tomatoes that actually cover the whole sandwich?”

So what does this moron do? Takes off my two tiny tomatoes, throws them away and puts two larger ones on.

Does this make sense at all? He just wasted 2 tomatoes. He could have just put them on my sandwich like I asked in the first place (in fact he could have just put one more on and it would have been fine) and I would have been a happy customer. Instead, he uses 4 tomatoes -WASTING two of them and pisses me off in the mean time.

Some people have no brains. No brains at all.

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