Well the time had to come. My boyfriend had to go home, but I’m still happy because he did stay an extra 3 days longer than he was supposed to (he was supposed to leave Saturday). I’ve been kinda out of the loop, haven’t really written stuff on here, haven’t watched all of my TV shows, haven’t talked to many people the last week… but that’s what happens when I only have 10 days to spend with my Drew. Just to recap, here’s a list of some of the things that happened this week. It was one of the best 🙂

1. Went to Disneyland, I hadn’t been in years! It was really fun and not too crowded so we didnt have to wait longer than 30 minutes for any ride.

2. Andrew turned 26 on the 28th of October. We rode bikes downtown (it was a beautiful day), ate lunch at Ruby’s, went swimming and stayed at the Hyatt in HB that night. We went downtown and had too many drinks (Andrew had WAY too many drinks) 🙂

3. We ate out WAY too much, but ate soooo much yummy food! I think I gained a few pounds because on top of eating a lot, I also didn’t exercise that much (another thing that got skipped over so I could spend more time with andrew). Some of my faves: Tantalum, Don Jose’s, Tsunami, and Flemings. Some of Andrew’s faves: Ruby’s, Red Robin, Tantalum. YUM YUM.  

4. Speaking of eating out, last night Andrew and I went to Tsunami with my dad. Andrew did sake bombs for the first time ever and I tried shrimp (prawns) for the first time ever. That’s right! I TRIED SHRIMP. Those of you who know me, know how amazing that is. I think it was the glass of wine and the first 2 sake bombs that gave me the guts to try it out. I just had a little bite- but still, I tried it and that’s what matters. Andrew was very proud! It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. I think it’s something I could get used to- but not something I would prefer.

5. Andrew witnessed his first American Halloween. 🙂 The decorations, the kids in costumes, Trevor’s crazy contraptions that scare the crap out of tiny children, and his first taste ever of pumpkin pie!!

6. I took Andrew to Hollywood and he got to see the Hollywood sign, Hollywood Blvd Grauman’s Chinese TheaterHollywood and Highland and some of the freaks and other interesting “entertainment” in LA!

7. We watched DVDs, went and saw “The Departed”, went swimming, went to the beach, walked in the park, hung out with friends, drank a lot of wine, and also enjoyed some quiet cuddle moments 🙂

It was an amazing 10 days. I am so sad that he had to leave, but hopefully he will be back next month!! YAY. Now back to reality. Back to work, the gym, yoga and my TV shows. I’ll just have to start my new countdown to the next time we get to see each other! Oh and I got some really really CRAPPY horrible news about my text messaging plan with Sprint. But, I’ll blog about that later cause I want to keep this one nice and happy! 🙂

Here’s a few pics of my wonderful week:



s visit 122 (Small).jpg


s visit 174 (Small).jpg


s visit 092 (Small).jpg


s visit 094 (Small).jpg


s visit 178 (Small).jpg


9 thoughts on “Sad Day, Happy Week”

  1. and another great thing that happened was amanda met andrew and while both were quite tired… she approved him.

    so please, continue to date.

  2. UGH!!! what a meanie mean asshole. i’m not so approving of andrew anymore. maybe james is still my favorite friends boyfriend!

    what do you think about that – meanie pants aussie boy!

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