I had to say goodbye to my parents today 🙁 I am lucky that they did stay an extra few days (they were originally supposed to leave Friday) but it’s still hard to say goodbye. The place feels so empty without their bags and clothes and stuff. We had such an amazing time with them here! In addition to the stuff I already posted about- here are some more great things we were able to do while they were here…

  • We went to the markets at the Rocks and Andrew’s dad and sister came with!
  • We all went to Manly for lunch and to show them where Andrew and I first met.
  • Mom & dad went for a walk around Watson’s Bay to see the oldest lighthouse in Australia while I worked (thanks Daisy and MC for the suggestions)! Now I really want to go on this walk with Andrew. My mom  said it was literally one of the most beautiful places she’s ever been!
  • I took them to Centrepoint tower for an overpriced (but yummy) cocktail.
  • Mom & dad visited the Sydney museum (they weren’t impressed) and they Hyde Park Barracks (they were impressed).
  • We all went to breakfast at Balmoral beach with Paul and Veronica!
  • Mom & Dad went on a dinner cruise around the Harbour while Andrew and I were out at pre-planned parties on Saturday night. They said it was great!
  • We went on a walk and took them to middle head to show them all the old navy stuff.
  • Andrew and I took my mom to an early “mother’s day tea” (since we took my dad on the bridge climb for a bday/father’s day gift). It was at Gunners Barracks and it was really nice! They even “refilled” the sandwiches for free and the views were great. The weather was beautiful and calm.

I really don’t think we could have packed too much more into the 2 weeks they were here. Well, maybe not without passing out from exhaustion. Having them here made me realize just how much there is to do in this city! There is so much that I just don’t do! LIke taking a ferry to cicular quay… it’s so easy and it’s a beautiful ride. WHY don’t I do this more? I moved here and haven’t even taken advantage of all the things this place has to offer. It’s actually pretty sad 🙁

Anyways… we had a wonderful time and I was really sad to see them go. They must be somewhere over the Pacific (a little past Hawaii) right about now. Hopefully they’ve had a good flight.

We have over 200 pictures and since my internet is so slow, I decided to just upload 60 of them for now. I’m sure I’ll upload more at a later time. Here are a small sample for anyone who is interested.

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  1. Hi there! I don’t know you, but I’ve been reading your blog for inspiration in dealing with my own American expat issues…thanks for sharing your experiences and enthusiasm for Australia. Maybe our paths will cross one day when I’m back in Sydney!

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