I know I’ve posted about the greatness of Citibank… but I take it all back.

The reason I joined was that I could withdraw money from ANY citibank ATM in the world=- free of charge (useful when I live in another country). Well, not anymore. Just checked my statement and it?had charges. I was pissed- mostly because I always drive out of the freaking way to actually FIND a citibank ATM that has cash in it to avoid fees (sometimes I drive a long way and?I still can’t even find one with cash!)

The kicker is that I called stupid outsourced customer service…?these outsorced?agents (citibank, quickbooks)?are ALWAYS fuckwits who can’t help me. Ok- so this chick tells me they’ve always charged foreign?fees. Um no- reminder… that’s WHY I joined… NO FOREIGN FEES!!! So, I said “NO YOU HAVEN’T” – trust me, I’ve been doing this in Australia since September and I’ve never been charged for using a CITIBANK ATM (and that’s WHY I joined)” I told her to check my previous statements that clearly show where I withdrew from the EXACT ATM and I was not charged. I even?asked to speak to someone who knew the rules/policies, etc. better and she assured me she had been trained and knew the rules… sure she did. That’s why she thinks they’ve always charged!

While the dumb chick was consulting her peeps, I go browsing online for anything relating to foreign fees and I find this:

“Effective January 26th, 2008 we will impose a fee equal to 2% of the transaction amount (including credits or reversals) on all ATM and/or POS Debit Card transactions (U.S. or foreign currency) that you conduct outside the 50 United States or Puerto Rico. This fee will apply to transactions made at Citibank and non-Citibank ATMs.”

Ugh! So annoying. Yet, while this is annoying- what is MORE annoying is that dumb chick on the phone DIDN’T know this and I was able to find this in 1 minute on google.

She got back on the phone and told me the fees would be waived but that I will be charged in the future. Whatever- I’m quitting citibank when I go home in March so she can suck moldy ass.

Just for fun I decided to point out to her?the info above that the policy changed on 1/26 (just to educate her).?She then proceeds to point out that I was charged foreign fees for a withdraw in December.? “YEAH that WASN’T a Citibank ATM- that was at the airport”

Her response…”Oh yeah that’s right” – she was obviously trying to prove a point… but failed miserably. How is it that I always manage to know more about companies from searching google than their own freaking employees do?! I bet Quickbooks and Citibank use the same customer service people.


When I switch banks (I think I have one other option for free banking) I plan on telling them that the # 1 reason for changing is because of their poor customer service every time I call and the fact that they keep changing their policies on me (2nd time since I joined in Sept)! They no longer have any appeal to me whatsoever!

This is one time in my life where I wish LOTS of people read my blog. I really would love to give some bad publicity to this company. They’ve changed the ONE thing that was good about them. I hope they lose lots of customers.

Citibank sucks… pass it on.

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  1. yeh, taka put her money in citibank japan because that was one of the few banks there that had branches here, but she can ONLY use her ATM card to get money and do transactions… they say there’s nothing they can do for her if she actually talks to a teller. retarded.

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