I found this picture the other day. It’s pretty much the coolest self portrait ever:


And what’s even cooler is that I’ve met the guy lucky enough to take this picture, Clay Anderson – See… here we are:

s Birthday - Going away 003.jpg

About 5 years ago when I visited my sister in Texas we went to NASA to take a tour of the NBL (Neutral Bouyancy Lab). My sister Jan knew Clay who was an astronaut in training there so he took us around and showed us all the action going on in the gigantic pool. It was really cool. Well, when I was in Texas this June, we heard that he was up in space!

So several months later- he is STILL up there. I stumbled on this picture that was taken in August and thought it was so cool!  I would LOVE to be able to take that self portrait! I’ve always been fascinated with outer space and stars and all the crazy stuff out there. I’d love to fill his shoes for just one day – can you imagine the other amazing pictures you could take from up theres?


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