SERIOUSLY??? The Day Before I Leave???


Let me just clarify something…

No… I am not freaking out because I think my plane will be bombed. I am angry that I now have to wait in lines that look like the one above. Also, I am not allowed to bring any liquids, gels or creams on the plane.

This includes things like:

sunscreen, toothpaste, hairspray, hand sanitizer, beverages, lotion

But most importantly- I cannot bring the following:

CHAPSTICK, LIPGLOSS (no im not vain, people who know me know I can’t go 15 hours without one of the two) my lips will be all peeled off by then! 🙁

EYEDROPS– I will die. My eyes dry out soooo bad on planes! I will be getting cups of water and pouring them on my face. Or maybe I’ll just bang my head on the wall so hard that it hurts really bad and it forces me to cry. That will get my eyes wet.

CERTAIN MAKEUP – ok maybe I AM vain, but when I haven’t seen my boyfriend for 2 1/2 months, I want to look good when I walk off the plane… and with no concealer, mascara or lip gloss- this is going to be difficult. It’s not like I can just apply before I leave and expect to still look decent after sleeping minimal hours in a tiny seat on a 15 hour red-eye flight!

WHHHHHY?? Why the day before I leave? Why couldnt they make this rule on Saturday? Well, I hope some lives really were saved by the Brit government foiling this plot… if this terrorist plan wasn’t real and I’m sacraficing chapstick for nothing… I will be very angry!

One guy at LAX just said… “If you don’t have carryon luggage- that would help us out even more”


For the full story click here: STUPID SHITTY ASS TERRORISTS

7 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY??? The Day Before I Leave???”

  1. i am so glad i got back to the US YESTERDAY!!! crossing back from canada on a regular day was bad enough, i can’t even imagine how horrid it would have been today. just get there like a bajillion hours early. boo.

    in NYC they aren’t allowing people to bring their ipods on plane, either. 🙁

  2. No Ipod??? HELLLLLL NO! I would seriously like overdose on sleeping pills if I had no Ipod. I’m calling now to make sure they don’t try to pull that shit on me!

    ok… just confirmed that I can bring ipods and laptops as of now, but I need to check back tomorrow to make sure things dont change. Seriously- no ipod, no chapstick and no eyedrops in a tiny seat for 15 hours. thats like absolute hell.

  3. you can scoop out a bit of chapstick and put it in a plastic baggie – then hid it way deep into a fold of your wallet. never to be found.

    eyedrops?!? i can’t figure how to sneak those on.

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