By titling this post Sex in the City, I am simply referring to the fact that some people just should?NOT have sex in the city… or ANYWHERE for that matter!

I was standing by the bus stop in the city while waiting to meet Natasha and Tracy and I glanced over and saw a REALLY REALLY skinny young pregnant woman. At first I thought “wow, what a cute skinny prego!!” Then I changed my opinion drastically and thought to myself  “actually, not so cute… she looks like a speed freak- way too skinny, jacked up teeth, ghetto clothes.”

THEN, I noticed her 4 kids. Yes, FOUR- not including the one in her belly. The oldest was probably 9. This woman couldn’t have been over 33; however, all the drugs she’s done probably makes her look older. She’s probably 23. Next I happend to glance over at her red-haired  leprechaun husband (he was short)… oh no wait- NOT a husband… neither of them had rings. Ok so maybe they just hocked them to buy more drugs. The 3rd youngest kept calling him daddy- so at least he plays some role in their lives.

Speaking of the children, I felt really bad for the second oldest. (S)he was wearing a bandana and looked baldish which made me think the poor child had some form of cancer. I say (s)he because I’m not really sure if it was a boy or girl. I assumed girl because (s)he was wearing girly cartoon pink socks, but the uniform (s)he was wearing resembled that of her brother’s (who was clearly a boy). Maybe it was just a boy who likes bandanas and pink cartoon socks… ya’ never know! The eldest child (an obvious girl) wasn’t even wearing a uniform. Maybe they can only afford to put 2 of their kids in school  Maybe they picked the two with the most potential- who knows? To be fair, the parents were being very nice to their kids. The 115 lb, 8 month pregnant mom was picking up the baby and playing with him and smiling and cooing. The leprechaun was doing the same. They all seemed really happy. I hear that’s what speed does to you.

Before you start yelling at me for being super critical (and telling me maybe they just aren’t rich and can’t afford nice clothes) I want to reinforce that I do have my reasons for saying these people suck! After about 10 minutes of spying (trying myself to judge whether I was being overly harsh in my assessment), I saw something I’ve never actually seen before in real life… the mom started smoking. I’ve never seen a CLEARLY prego crackwhore smoking a cig in broad daylight on one of the busiest streets in Sydney (or really anywhere else for that matter). I know people do it, but it was just appalling. And she was smoking about 12 inches away from her daughter to whom she was talking during my moments of spying.

Seriously- I’m SO glad I’m not white trash and I feel so bad for the children who are brought into these trashy families.

Oh and finally, on my bus ride home I realized that I would shoot myself if I ever became a bus driver for the sole reason that people pushing those annoying beeping buttons to get off at EVERY stop would drive me INSANE. I was going mad after my 20 minute ride home! There is no way I could listen to that all day. I don’t know how they do it! That has nothing to do with sex in the city… but I thought you all should know!

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  1. I am so glad you posted this… because I’ve often wanted to do the same. I ride the train from the suburbs into the city each day. I have encountered some incredibly disgusting, abusive, drunk and stoned people over the years. I often see the people like you described and it disturbs me so much. I feel terrible for these kids who have no say in the fact that they are born to white trash parents who aren’t giving them a fair chance in life. Sadly it is a cycle that will probably repeat with them. But what upsets me more is that my husband and I desperately hope to have children and it is always the people who want to have families who can’t, and those (trashy) people who don’t know how to use birth control that continue to reproduce children they don’t properly care for. Bottom line, I don’t think you are being overly critical. 🙂

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