At around 4:30 am, I was jolted awake by some shaking- it was a pretty big jolt too! Since this woke me from my peaceful sleep, it scared me way more than it would have if I were awake. So, in normal “jolted awake by shaking” fashion – I ran to the doorway. By the time i got there (probably 1.4 seconds) the shaking stopped. I stared into the hall waiting for my sister or someone to come out of their room because clearly they must have been jolted awake too; but, silmilarly to the last earthquake I felt (also at my sister’s house), no one else even seemed to notice. Again I thought… “am I losing it? Did I really just feel that?” But unlike last time, when I thought I was just off balance due to the rolling effect, I KNEW I wasn’t losing it this time. I even had to sleep with the door open for fear of more earthquakes hitting.

So this morning I go online to check the news for earthquake reports and I see a huge piece for this horrific event in Indonesia-


While this is a huge earthquake, I don’t quite think it was the one I felt. SO… I kept searching, but I just couldn’t find ANYTHING for 4:30am. So then I started thinking… maybe I really AM crazy. Or maybe in some way, this Indonesia one WAS felt across the world… ok wait- now THAT makes me sound crazy.

But finally, FINALLY I found what I was looking for – a 3.7 at 4:30am that hit about 9 miles from where I am. I’m not crazy!! But I do have a nice big brusie on my leg from the door handle when I was trying to run for cover.


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