Back in Sydney, feeling miserable.

My trip to the US was great. I got SO much accomplished for the wedding and now there’s not much more I can do until August. That’s exciting and sad at the same time. The lower stress levels are beneficial, but the fun of planning will be missed. I suppose there are still a few things I can do from Australia, but a majority of it will all come in the last few weeks. Only 6 months to go now!!

My trip to Georgia was awesome as well. I had so much fun spending the weekend in beautiful Roswell with all my friends. It’s rare that we all get together now that we live in 4 different places, so it seems that weddings are the only things that ever bring us all together.

Amanda’s wedding was beautiful! The Clermont lounge was not beautiful. Let me paint a picture for you. The Clermont lounge is where a group of 16 or so of us went on Thursday night. Try to visualize this…a small dive bar, horrible rock band, thick layers of smoke (seriously, get with the times Georgia, why can you still smoke indoors?) and to top it all off… 60 year old strippers! WHAT? Yes, you read that right. There was a complete assortment of strippers from a super skinny tatooed girl to significantly overweight middle-aged women wearing heinous outfits to a cute little old lady wearing a little red riding hood costume. Weirdest place I’ve ever been. The rest of the weekend was far less weird. The rehearsal cocktail party and wedding were full of much more taste and class (and less smoke), thank GOD!

The only thing that really sucks is that there must have been some funk going around in Atlanta because Shannon, Jen, Alison and I all caught a nasty bug. I haven’t been this sick since well before I met Andrew. I never get sick anymore and I honestly feel like I don’t even know how to respond to this. I feel like the biggest wuss. Will someone please send an un-packing fairy to take care of my luggage that has made its home on our living room floor?

3 thoughts on “Sick In Sydney”

  1. Oh no, hope you get over it soon! Hopefully Andrew is a good nurse for you. Don’t feel bad about putting off the unpacking for now…Steve has been back in Aus about 3 weeks now and he’s just informed me that he still isn’t unpacked and that he should probably think about doing some laundry because he is running out of clothes! I can only imagine the pile that will be waiting for me when I get back in April or whenever the visa gets granted 😉

  2. At least you got to leave Georgia. Feel lucky! We’re transplants, and still don’t understand a lot of stuff they do here.

    Glad you had a fun girls weekend otherwise. Quite a distance to travel.

  3. I rarely get sick as well so I completely feel you with the “how do I go about handling this” nonsense. Hopefully it wears off sooner than later! Good news to hear you’re so on top of the wedding planning, can’t believe it’s just around the corner!

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