Silver Linings – August 8 2012

I was just writing in my diet journal and realised that tomorrow will be day 40 of D Diet. If I were Catholic that would be a whole lent period of giving up a freaking lot of things. Technically though the only thing I gave up COMPLETELY for 40 days is soda since I did cheat with other goodness like cheese, bread, sugar and wine on 3 occasions. You know I could totally do the whole lent thing… but I’m not Catholic… so anyway…

Back to my original thought. As I looked down and saw “Day 40” written in my book I thought about how proud I am that I have been able to accomplish such a challenge. With these feelings of pride and happiness came thoughts of all the other things that I am happy about this week so I thought I’d share some silver linings that make life shine even when you sadly have only eaten cheese 3 times in 40 days.

1. My new falafel ball recipe makes me oh so happy.

2. The fact that I can now eat laksa from the shop across the road made me even more happy.

Ok, ok enough about food.

3. The beautiful flowers Andrew bought for me are still alive after nearly 2 weeks.

4. Our cleaner came yesterday.

5. My ab muscles were ultra sore on Tuesday after Monday’s pilates session- which sucked- but soreness means I’m doing something good for my body.

6. I got to meet some fun new people at Paul and Veronica’s last night and we had a great conversation even if we couldn’t always perfectly understand their awesome Italian accents.

7.  I got two big reports sent off to a client over the last week, plus I ticked a few other projects off my list sooner than I expected to.

8. Our company birthday party is this Friday which should be fun (i.e. I plan to eat and drink).

9. Masterchef Allstars totally reduces the sadness I feel now that Masterchef is over.

10. We booked 90% of our November holiday. We’ll be heading to Hong Kong to visit Kris and Tess and then we’ll head to California, NY, DC and then back to CA for Thanksgiving. Mmm turkey.

11. It has been pretty warm (for winter) in Sydney the last few days and it is giving me the slightest hope that we might actually have a decent summer for a change this year.

12. I just realised that it’s only about 2 months until Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl return. Even if I’m pissed about the worst ending ever on Grey’s last season finale I can’t wait for my fave show to return.

13. My BFF Jen’s photography work was featured on Hostess with the Mostess (and will be featured again very soon) and I couldn’t be happier for her!

14. I got a tax return!! Totally thought I was going to owe.

15. And finally, in about 10 minutes I’m going to take a bath and get into my warm and cozy bed with my ebook even though it won’t even be 10:00pm, just because I can.



5 thoughts on “Silver Linings – August 8 2012”

    1. 🙂 It’s amazing how you can completely overlook the good stuff in life but once you start thinking about one or two things, they all come back into your memory.

  1. Laksa yummmmm
    I just watched the Grey’s finale last night – OMG how fricking sad and depressing?!?! Why do they have to end each season on SUCH dramatics 🙁

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