Silver Linings- May 6th 2010

With all the incompetent, inept people we’ve had to deal with lately, I feel like I need to write one of these posts. Seriously, every day this week I feel like I’ve had to talk to another moron or chase up ANOTHER email response or follow-up with people *cough accountants cough* who just cannot seem to get back to me when I’ve been trying to get answers from them since April! UGH… ok I went off on a tangent there. I will now get back to the GOOD stuff.

  • This week we leased out our apartment to our first tenant!
  • Two of our good friends (who shall remain nameless at this point in time) got engaged. I’m SO happy for them!!
  • We got to see Julz and Leighton’s baby last week for the first time. Little Zara is precious!
  • I’ve been working a few hours a week at a side job just up the street and I actually like it.
  • I bought a recipe keeper/binder thing to help me reach my 101 goal #89 (Start a recipe book and copy all of mom’s recipes that I like). Now I just need to sit down when I’m in the US and copy all the good stuff from mom.
  • I’m also working on # 79 (Create a cookbook with at least 20 personally created recipes). I don’t quite think I’ll reach 20 by the end of the year, but maybe I’ll reach 10! I just need to remember to write stuff down when I’m cooking.
  • I made not one but two types of delicious homemade pizza this week. I need to write down my recipe for he tandorri chicken one because it is GOOD (and it will help me with goal # 79 as well).
  • I finally booked my hairstylist, makeup artist and the transportation for the wedding. Invites are almost complete and we’ll hopefully be able to get one of our personal couriers (aka Qantas pilots) to bring back the Aussie ones for us to save us from having to ship them all across the pacific.
  • I finally found a use for the green wine bottles I’ve been saving for 2 years. Yes, 2 years. Andrew has wanted to throw them out numerous times and I always told him that I’d eventually find a purpose for them. Now three of them are sitting in a nice little row on our table acting as vases for 3 single red Gerber daisies. Lovely.

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