Silver Linings – March 9, 2010

I’ve been in a funk lately. I think if you’ve read my posts (or noticed the lack thereof), that fact is pretty clear. I have many reasons for the funk, but most of those reasons will not be going away any time soon so maybe it’s time for me to suck it up and just accept all the annoyances and frustrations in life. Andrew says I need to be more positive. My mom says I need to be more positive. I’m noticing a trend.

Tonight I read a thread in a forum and it was all about silver linings. Basically the whole point of the thread was for people to post one positive thing for the day. Something good that happened, something nice they enjoyed, etc. So since I don’t have much to post about lately and since everyone is on the “be positive” bandwagon, I’ll at least make a point to try and mention one “silver lining” of my day for each day that I have nothing else to blog about. Maybe if I feel really crazy, I’ll post more than one.

So lets see… here are my silver linings for today:

1. My friend Katie stopped by and we had some nice girl talk

2.ย Jenย and I started looking into details for my bachelorette party

3. Gossip girl is finally back on! (please don’t judge me)

See, I stared off with three whole things! That’s a good first step, right?

7 thoughts on “Silver Linings – March 9, 2010”

  1. It’s ok. I watch Vampire Diaries. That’s way worse than Gossip Girl. Good luck with the positive thinking! It’s hard to do when you’re in a funk.

  2. I’m voting for Vampire Diaries over Gossip Girl. Good Job on the Postive Thinking. Have you seen the Staples “Easy Button” commercial? Sometimes I wish I had one of those.

    To quote Mary Poppins: Chin up!


  3. You’re not alone but hardly any consolation I’m sure. I’ve been packing outdoor activities into my weekends as a distraction from thinking about how I miss home. You think you have it bad with making friends – it’s especially hard for me since not only do I work from home but I work off New York time so I live a vampire’s life here in Sydney. I sleep during the hours most people work. Getting out and staying active outdoors is a great way to shake off funk. Good job on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You are not alone at all. And I think we all go through our phases of dealing with life. I’m a very positive person, but I still have to work at it every day. I try to look at the big picture of things and be grateful for how much I have in my life. And learning to let go of irrelevant stressors in life helps. I don’t stress about things I can’t control, only those things I can control and take action on. It sounds like you are off to a good start with the silver lining thing. And definitely no judging on Gossip Girl. I love Vampire Diaries as well. And have read all the Twilight books. HAHA! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hahah thanks Carissa! Yes, I’ve definitely read Twilight- those were some big silver linings in my life for awhile. I need to get back to my silver linings posts- I could use them. I just have too much stuff from Africa to blog about first.

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