I FINALLY upgraded to the newest version of wordpress and that means I can FINALLY upload videos again. YAY. Thanks so much to my techy savior Emanuel for helping me get my blog back into the 21st century.

So in honor of my ability to post videos again after oh so long, I thought I’d post this one that I found on another American Expat’s blog. She had this video listed under a post with a collection of videos that make her laugh out loud. Well, I’m always skeptical of those kinds of claims. Andrew always thinks something is wrong with me because I don’t laugh at jokes on The Simpsons. I told him “just because something is funny, doesn’t mean I have to laugh OUT LOUD.” Sometimes I simply just smile, or laugh in my head.

Anyways… this one DID make me laugh. And I think if it doesn’t make you laugh, there’s something wrong with you.

4 thoughts on “Sleepwalking Dogs”

    1. HAHHA that’s when I laughed the hardest. Although I do feel very sad for it. If I found out that it had medical problems later- I wouldn’t be thinking it was so funny. I don’t like when animals get hurt šŸ™

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