s 021 (Small).jpgI’m so boring these days and I never write much here so I will write about a few things that I have been doing the last week or so.

Friday: Went out to Minsky’s (a cool little piano bar down the road) for the first time ever. I’ve heard about this place for years… literally… and we finally made it out. It was tons of fun and I really had a good time meeting up with Andrew’s friends.

Saturday: Spent the afternoon at Andrew’s dad’s house for a late lunch, then met up with his mom and chatted for awhile.

Sunday: Went to the beach with Sinead and Tracy. It was a pretty nice day- but a little breezy. It was nice of them to let me tag a long since Andrew had to work all day 🙂 Then we went back to Sineads and watched TV and had some girl talk. It was nice since I havent really had much of that in the last 3 weeks.

Monday: Boring boring boring. Went to the bank and the grocery store and the post office. Super exciting right? I also started looking into yoga again- hopefully I’ll find a decently priced place near our new apartment.

Today: I’m currently waiting for andrew to get home so we can go to Target. I am really excited. Seriously- I’m not joking… REALLY excited. I haven’t been able to buy anything from Target since August 24th (the day all my stuff shipped out) so I am really looking forward to buying something. I need a lamp, and some bath rugs. Such the highlight of my week so far!! Also, I’ve started researching nerdy nerdy things. Like social groups and stuff like that. I found a cool new website called Meet Up and it has all kinds of groups you can join and they have meetings monthly. So nerdy. I found some group of Americans who moved here so maybe I’ll try to go hang with those people one day. Or i could always join the Dungeons and Dragons group or the Sci-Fi monthly group. HAHA no thanks.

There’s my little update- and here are a few more pics from Minsky’s for your viewing pleasure!

s 040 (Small).jpg

s 019 (Small).jpg


1 thought on “So Boring”

  1. i just left the longest comment and it’s gone.

    now i’m just sad.


    i’m glad target is going to make you happy. enjoy.

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